Peter Andre has spoken out and confirmed his continued friendship with Kerry Katona despite her split from Can Associates.

Up until recently Katona was managed by Can Associates under the expert supervision of Claire Powell, who has been the long term manager of Peter Andre.

Both Andre and Katona have featured in each others respective and irrelevant reality based television programs, which have chronicled their lives in order to entertain thick people.

In an earth shattering public statement via his prestigious column in New! [1], Peter Andre has said that he hasn't spoken to Kerry Katona since she left Can Associates but this is not unusual seeing as they go weeks without speaking to one-another anyway.

Andre then went on to acknowledge all that Claire Powell has done for Kerry but he could not confirm whether or not she has been meeting up with her ex-husband, Mark Croft.

Whilst on the subject of Peter Andre, it's quite strange to find himself making an appearance on the QVC shopping channel apparently to promote his new musical offering.

Are things not going so well for Pete in the record sales department or is he just doing it because he has always wanted to appear on QVC?

One thing is for sure and that is if you dislike the cultural impact of Pater Andre or Kerry Katona it doesn't matter because for everyone person who dislikes them there are 100 people who love them and they would gladly give up their staple diet of lager, cheap fags, burgers and fries for whole day just to meet them.

Now not to be too much of a meany pegs I wish Kerry all the best in the future because she has genuinely made an incredible transformation from the girl she was pre- Claire Powell.

Going out and "having fun" can lead you into all sorts of trouble……a few hours of fun can lead to a lifetime of misery….be careful.


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