Peter is said to be very excited at the prospect of presenting The 5 O'Clock Show and fill the slot where the Paul O'Grady Show once aired.

Now he may not be the brightest star in the sky but he is decent enough chap with lots of adoring female fans etc, so I am sure he will be well received and providing that he doesn't start singing those naff songs of his on the show I may even watch an episode.

Peter has a nice enough voice and he's very charming and presentable but you just wish he could rough himself and his songs up a bit and no, wearing a leather Jacket whilst playing distorted guitar doesn't count.

As I have said before he needs to go and spend 6 months travelling around Britain with some mental hippies or join a monastic order for a while.

Peter is too clean cut and nice but this negative view may be my failing as a human being to appreciate a nice person and his contribution to society.

Nah! He needs roughing up a bit and less of the tears in front of the camera and more spirituality.

How great would it be for Peter to disappear from the public eye and return to centre stage after spending 3 years in a Moroccan band learning to play local instruments with no contact from the western world.

He would be a guru and his tan would be so amazing that all tans henceforth would be measured against it.

You may not be able to tell but I actually like the bloke (or what I have seen of him on TV) and I am sure there are many hairy bikers out there who would join in by saying Peter Andre we almost love you.

Good luck with the new show Peter but I would rather our prime time viewing was taken up by experts in their fields. Why is it that we need presentable faces/personalities  for television and imperfection is frowned upon?

Where are our quirky professors and characters? Have they all died?

I want to watch my television presented by some lunatic who lives in his workshop inventing and making things using stuff from the local skip. If he cannot produce a Star Wars Laser Missile defence shield out of an old Sinclair Spectrum, a magnet and sticky tape then he should not be a television presenter.

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