Footballer and part time bean pole Peter Crouch has apparently paid an air hostess a nightly visit during a  piss up team-bonding jaunt in  Dubai.

According to the Sun and other sources, the 30 year old England striker has denied the claims that the intention of the visit was for anything improper i.e. cheating on his fiancée Abbey Clancy, who was at the time heavily pregnant with their child.

Crouch states that he went to 22 year old Suzanne Thunestveit's apartment to pick something up and stayed just ten minutes….but it seems the reason he was only there at the Millennium Tower skyscraper (which he tried to sign in under a false name) for ten minutes is because the head of security made him feel he should leave after questioning.

In Dubai there are strict rules prohibiting unmarried couples from playing hide the sausage or hide the striker for that matter, so Crouch may have avoided a good old fashioned flogging and jail.

Apparently the two went off to Suzanne's flat after getting drunk at a nightclub.

All sounds perfectly innocent to me….cough!

But who cares?

Really…who cares? Abbey has decided to stick by her stick even though he cheated on her with a prostitute so if he does end up in a compromising position then it's not to be unexpected.

Oh, and by the way, in Tokyo the water is not safe for infants to drink thanks to radiation poisoning…..just to put things into perspective.

Abbey Clancy stands in front of a camera and has photo's taken of her, Peter Crouch kicks a ball around……very, very important people.

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