Hobbit director is utilising his Facebook page to keep Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans in the loop by posting regular updates on the progress of filming of his latest imagining of the works of J.R.R Tolkien.

Filming of the Lord of the Rings prequel has not been an easy undertaking as the project has been beset with problems from the outset. The Hobbit has had to deal with earthquakes, actors unions and  a change of director but it looks like filming is now underway at long last.

But there are many Tolkien fanatics who thought filming would never take place so Director Peter Jackson has decided to use his Facebook page as a portal to reassure fans that filming is actually happening. The Facebook medium can be a very cold way of interacting with the public, however Jackson has taken a very personal and warm approach to said interaction from which a new community of fans has been nurtured.

It is through the social media platform Peter continues to allay any fears that the Herculean task is not falling by the wayside. There are regular casting updates and filming progress is briefly mentioned but not in to much detail as not to give any surprises away.

To suggest Peter's Facebook page is just a help centre for worried Hobbit fans would be inaccurate seeing as there are postings of a more personal and fun nature as well as information on his other projects like Tintin. However the Tolkien community seems to be relishing the way that Peter is keeping interest in The Hobbit alive.

For myself and other LOTR and Hobbit fans, the new film cannot come quick enough but the best things in life are worth waiting for. Peter if you have any comps for the London premier please send via some Middle Earth creature to the editorial!

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