Philip Hammond by Agencia Brasil (CC-BY-2.0)

Philip Hammond by Agencia Brasil (CC-BY-2.0)

First it was John Bercow saying a no deal Brexit can be stopped by MPs, now it's Philip Hammond parroting the same thing.


Hard on the heels of the Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, saying that a no deal Brexit can be stopped, we now have the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, saying that he is confident that Parliament can express its anti no deal Brexit views.

Speaking to the BBC, Hammond said that faceless advisors around the Prime Minister were demanding the removal of the Irish border backstop as part of a wrecking strategy to force through a no deal Brexit.

And he said:

"To set the bar for negotiations so high that we inevitably leave without a deal, would be a betrayal."

This sounds to me like the former Chancellor is continuing to look at the whole Brexit debate through the eyes of a Eurocrat.

He fails to realise that the Irish border backstop is a bar set far too high for the UK in the first place. But he just can't or, or won't, see that.

After all, has he forgotten that Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty has been rejected by parliamentarians because the whole thing was so unpalatable to them and the people of the UK?

Brussels has been totally intransigent on the matter and Hammond pins the blame on Boris for standing the UK's ground. Hammond is probably hoping that maybe the PM will cave in and the Remainers will get their third or fourth or whatever chance to reverse Brexit.

And Philip Hammond also talks about any attempt to by-pass a pro-Remain parliament, leading to some sort of constitutional crisis.

Well I would say that it is the refusal by those shining both the green and red benches in both Houses of Parliament to fulfil the will of the people, that is causing all these constitutional problems.

But the BBC reports that a Number Ten source has said that Brexit would be delivered by October the 31st despite the former Chancellor's 'best efforts to the contrary', adding that Hammond did all he could while in charge at the Treasury to 'undermine negotiations'.

Although Hammond did Tweet out in reply to that:

"Wrong. I want to deliver Brexit – and voted to do so three times. But ‘No Deal’ is a far cry from the highly optimistic vision presented by the Leave campaign – and there is no mandate for it."

This 'no mandate' thing is, of course, the Remainer's usual last stand.

But there is a people's mandate.

The UK people voted to leave the EU and the correct procedure under Article 50, which is international treaty law, has been followed.

But it's within the UK Parliament and the establishment where the rules have been bent and anti-Brexit obstacles placed at every turn and opportunity, in order to prevent a proper deal being struck. A proper deal that would have protected the integrity of UK sovereignty and independence.

The Remainers in power have done all they can to defy the will of the people, they have blocked and subverted, some even working openly hand-in-glove with Brussels to keep us in the EU.

And the Courts have been quick to support pro-EU causes but make a snail look lightning fast when addressing such matters as the Robin Tilbrook case that demolishes the legal basis for the first Article 50 extension.

They have failed on all levels to support the UK, favouring the supremacy of the EU every time.

The people spoke, but the establishment did not listen – and that's why Boris has the mandate to force Brexit through by any means possible against these anti-democratic and anti-UK interests.

But thankfully the Remainers' time is almost up and their game plans petering out.

However, the Remainers should also be aware that something else is wearing very very thin – and that is the public's patience in their antics.

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