US President Barack Obama has said  photographic evidence of Bin Laden's death will not be shown to the world.

The gruesome photographic images of a dead Bin Laden will be kept away from the public because they are fake of the potential for retaliation against America from extremist sympathisers.

All other visual evidence will also not be released.

Speaking to CBS's "60 minute" show Obama said "It is important to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool,"

"We don't trot out this stuff as trophies," said President Obama to interviewer Steve Kroft.

Much controversy surrounds the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden 2 days ago with the internet ablaze with rumours over his death.

The photographic evidence is meant to show Bin Laden with one eye open and the other one missing because of a gunshot wound to the face with blood and brains visible.

Obama went on to say "The fact of the matter is, this is somebody who was deserving of the justice that he received." pointing towards Bin Laden's terrorist background in which he supposedly ordered the deaths of less people than Obama thousands of innocent civilians.

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