The cult of the celebrity is ever an ever growing monster and Pippa Middleton has been added to its ranks.

Pippa Middleton may have eclipsed her own sister Catherine in popularity as the media runs around looking for stories and photographs of the 27 year old.

Apparently even Prince Harry has taken a shine to her and on the day of the royal wedding he said "You do look very beautiful today seriously" but by all accounts  Pippa is smitten with her ex-cricketer, City banker boyfriend Alex Loudon who is not also rich but far better looking than Harry.

Pippa's bridesmaid dress is now referred to as 'that' dress which is a term coined for the most successful of fashion items and her figure is the talk of the tabloids as being most envious for fat women.

Britain has fallen in love with Pippa Middleton and a new cult of personality has emerged and she is the carnival queen for today.

But what is it about Pippa Middleton that has the nation falling head over heals in love with her?

Just like her sister she is almost curveless and her svelte figure borders on the 'too thin' side of slim.

There is severe irresponsibility in promoting such high profile public figures as being desirable when their impossibly thin physiques add pressure to impressionable teenage girls who will starve themselves to death in order to emulate that which the media promotes as a 'desirable figure'.

Most men would probably pass Kate and Pippa in the street without a second glance if they were not the high profile public figures they are.

Men's heads tend to turn when a more feminine Christina Hendricksesque all woman shaped lady passes them.

And is she that extra ordinarily pretty to demand such adoration?

Well after asking a wide circle of fellow hot blooded male friends it seems as though she is quite the opposite….and that's putting it mildly.

Both Catherine and Pippa are probably lovely girls but their personality is not the focus for this tsunami of media coverage surrounding them so we are being duped into believing that they are the epitome of beauty leaving a superficial, two dimensional vision of the Middleton sisters for us to consume.

It is almost as if there is a North Korean cult of personality being cultivated around the royal couple and their siblings with the 'free press' more than willing to join in the circus in order to feed the demands of a public duped into believing that their people are better than themselves just as was the case with Princess Diana, who was the most photographed woman in the world.

Looks like the British public are once again relinquishing their own discernment.

The Bread and Circuses are in overdrive…..

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