Pippa Middleton's bum has caused a bit of a tiff between a couple as can be seen in the recent reports of a car driving down the street with "Is Pippa’s bum still better than mine???" sprayed on the side of the car in white paint.

There is even a Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society page on Facebook with over 217,000 Likes….

Then there is the Pippa Middleton Shake Ya Ass YouTube video which has had over 606,000 views, so the question is, has Britain fallen in love with Pippa Middleton or her rear end?

Evidence points towards the latter seeing as other than her physical proportions, little else about her is written about in the mainstream press or new media.

But what is all the fuss about?

In other photographs of her hind quarters (other than her in that dress)  there seems to be no visible sign of a glorious derriere.

In fact, that Pippa's womanly curves are absent in most photos of her does suggest that careful needlework can do wonders.

Why should we care about what Pippa sits on?

But what is ridiculous is the fact that Britain has fallen for Pippa and her bum without the bum being spectacular and no idea of what Pippa is like as a person.

How stupid is Britain becoming as a nation?

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