Pippa Middleton news stories now eclipse those of the royal wedding just days after billions of viewers tuned into the royal wedding.

The younger sister of Catherine duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) has become the centre of fascination because of her royal connection, figure and dress.

Photographs of herself in her underwear doing some erotic dancing with a male companion at what appears to be a party are now circulating the 'net as well.

However, for once the British press have reacted with restraint in their refusal to print the pictures with the expressed intent of preserving the nation's new darling.

Her maid-of-honour dress is now the focus of dress designers across the world as they try to copy, emulate and refashion 'that dress' for a market demanding reproductions of Pippa's  15 minutes of fame.

But this 15 minutes of fame could be the longest 15 minutes fame ever recorded.

The fashion world and public's fascination of Pippa Middleton's dress is surprisingly even greater than of the attention paid to her sister's dress.

But her figure is what everyone is raving about, especially her rear end.

She is now the 4-6 favourite for the accolade Rear end of the Year.

The public interest in Pippa Middleton may be building in momentum but how long is it until the royal wedding distraction fades and those involved in the ceremony (outside of the royal couple) are consigned to the celebrity history books as the public looks for the next circus to satisfy a cultivated hunger for celebrity idolatry.

If Pippa goes on a diet of cream cakes interest will wain……but such is the nature of the beast that is our celebrity culture.

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