Video has emerged of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and members of the public being punched by the NYPD  and run over by a motorcycle.

In a sinister turn for the worse, NYPD has developed brutal tactics in order to protect the financial centre of America after the police force  received millions of dollars to protect the centre of financial terrorism.

The first video shows a protester being punched in the face then possibly kicked by an NYPD officer wearing a white shirt to which the crowd acted with extreme restraint.

The second video is even more sickening as it shows a member of the public being run over by a New York Police Department motorcycle officer slowly running over a protester with his front wheel then trying to do the same with his rear wheel and eventually coming to a stop with the rear wheel stopped on the man's leg.

What the police are not prepared for is the intense scrutiny which they find themselves under seeing as everyone with a cell phone or camcorder is able to capture events as they happen and instantly upload the footage to You Tube.

The social media revolution will prove to be the greatest enemy of the police who are clearly working against the right to protest peacefully.

We must not forget that there are agent provocateurs who will attempt to disrupt and hijack the protests and this may lead to violence erupting between police and protesters.

Agent provocateurs have been used by the CIA in manipulating previous protests in many different countries in order to justify crushing demonstrations with brute force.

This could turn ugly as the right to free speech is taken away as a reaction to violence NOT instigated by protesters but appearing to be.

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