A 26 year old woman who was born in Tunisia has been fined 500 Euros in Italy after she was spotted by police with a veil covering her face.

The law used to fine Amel Marmouri was based on an existing anti-terrorist law dating back to 1975, which makes it illegal for a man or woman to cover their face in a way that prevents them from being identified whilst in a public place.

The authorities in Novara fined Amel through a city ordinance that has banned all items of clothing that "prevents all immediate identification of the wearer inside public buildings, schools and hospitals".

Mayor of Novara, Massimo Giordano states that "people who come to come to live in our city must respect our traditions".

The woman's husband, Ben Salah Braim, has said that he must now keep his wife at home because the Koran states that no man must look at her face in public and has no idea how he will afford the 500 Euro fine.

Rules is rules.

If that's the law in the city then you must obey it or move out.

Women are banned from wearing bikinis in public in many Islamic countries because it goes against the cultural/religious traditions which have grown over generations, the same respect should be paid by Muslims when in other countries adhering to the dress codes of that country.

If a woman goes out in Saudi Arabia wearing nothing but a mini skirt and a bra then she will be arrested so why should it be any different when the burqa or any veiled item of religious clothing is worn in a country where the traditions and cultural sensitivity forbid it?

I am not saying the Burqa is good or bad but don't expect it to be tolerated just because your faith demands it and the same goes for ANY item of clothing which is out of step from the traditions of the country in which it is worn.

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