How many of you will be flying the flag for England on St Georges day? Well sales of flags are up are up but the English are too frightened to celebrate their very own patron saint.

According to an article in The Mail a poll covering some European countries brands England as the least patriotic.

According to the poll two thirds questioned did not know what date St George's day falls on and nearly half blamed political correctness and European interference for England's loss of identity.

In 2008 Bradford and Sandwell in the West Midlands Banned St Georges day parades because they might cause trouble.


If anyone is offended by a parade celebrating the patron Saint of the country they live in then they are free to leave that country.

And I don't know anyone from any ethnic minority who would object to St George's day celebrations even though I am sure they exist.

Such a protest would undermine their right to remain in Britain and cause racial friction so why would they protest against it?

Fear is gripping Britain, fear of the state and its Orwellian political correctness insanity.

If you're English Celebrate it, if your white, black, orange, pink or rainbow coloured from wherever then shout it from the rooftops.


Remember the country you live in and be sensitive to the native culture that has developed there over time, if you wish to assimilate into that culture then welcome to Britain but if you want to dominate and dictate the rules of that culture then I think its time you left.

This is not targeted at any religious group or faith its just common sense for racial and religious harmony.

Is it any wonder the BNP gains sympathy whilst the interior of English culture is eroded from within? Why are our politicians cultivating racial tensions against the British people and dividing communities that once lived together in harmony?

Vote Labour or Lib Dem and you will have more of the same politically correct fascist dogma which emanates straight from the heart of Europe.

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