A recent poll has put politicians in the bracket as the least trusted profession and bad manners as the trait that would most make them distrust someone.The poll, by YouGov on behalf of RatedPeople.com, asked 2,054 people online between 20th and 22nd March 2012 for their views of professions and of the things that would make us distrust another person.

The results for the professions were based on four different attributes: value for money, honesty, reliability and, lastly, quality of work.

The results showed that politicians are now trusted even less than bankers and estate agents and came in as poor or very poor for reliability (62%) honesty (70%) and quality of work (57%). They did however fare slightly better in the category of value for money where 76% of people rated premier footballers as poor or very poor compared to politicians’ 60%.

Out of the professions teachers came out as the most trusted and gardeners were rated as the most trustworthy of the tradesmen.

1 Teachers
2 Gardeners
3 Electricians
4 Plumbers
5 Roofers
6 Builders
7 Bankers
8 Estate Agents
9 Premiership Footballers
10 Politicians

Celebrity Gardener and TrustedPeople brand ambassador, Toby Buckland, said “I’m delighted to see gardeners made it to the number two spot in this research.

“Perhaps the reason that we have fared so well in the study is that gardening is a labour of love, it’s very easy for people to see the amount of hard work that goes into doing a gardening job and the results can completely transform an outside space.

“Building trust with your customers is an essential part of being a gardener if you want to achieve the best results for them. Trust ensures that they take your recommendations on board and have the confidence to rely on you to achieve the highest standards. Like so many in the trade, our reputation as professionals is built on this.”

When it came down to attributes that make us distrust other people it seems that we’re not exactly a superficial lot. But first impressions are important. ‘Being shorter’ attracted no votes, ‘unattractiveness’ only got 1% and ‘being younger’ got 2%. What most people put down was that bad manners made them distrust people most.

1 Bad Manners
2 Poor Eye Contact
3 Unkempt Appearance
4 Being Inarticulate
5 A Weak Handshake
6 Badly Dressed

Tariq Dag Khan from RatedPeople commented “They say that you form an opinion on someone within the first 30 seconds of meeting them, and our research has shown that a person’s behaviour can make all the difference.

“Builders, like other tradesmen, need to improve their image. Shows like Cowboy Builders and Rogue Traders taint the reputation of all tradesmen when in fact the vast majority of them deliver a job well done and at good value. One way for them to counter the unfair misperceptions is to improve communication with homeowners, as not doing so can fuel distrust. What helps is to be clear upfront about each project, starting with: what work is required; when it will be completed; and at what cost.

Houses of Parliament-FreeFoto.com

Houses of Parliament-FreeFoto.com

“Investing in home improvement can be a major commitment. So it helps when homeowners can be sure that the people they’re hiring to carrying out the project can be trusted to do the job right. Services like RatedPeople.com give consumers the confidence to know what they are getting before they take the plunge. The service works like word-of-mouth, by allowing homeowners to review the recommendations of thousands of other homeowners as part of the hiring process. It also allows tradesmen to build a profile for the great work they’re doing. This only helps to boost their trust ranking, so that next year they top the chart.”

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