The Tories have come out of the party conference season with a healthy lead over Labour according to  ComRes survey for the Independent.This will come as no surprise, the failing economy and wars in foreign lands have not helped Labour's case. What will give us all comfort though is there doesn't seem to have been a BNP bounce as some had predicted. Despite the survey being taken over the weekend so soon after the Question Time programme last Thursday.

The public's appetite for public spending cuts also seems to be growing. I put this down to the growing realisation that the state must have limits or you have no money for yourself. Especially during a recession. 67% supported Cameron on this with 28% (possibly public sector workers?) disagreeing.

The memory of the last Conservative governments have though left support for Cameron in what is described as a 'soft' stuation. But the 13% lead they currently enjoy equates to a majority of some 66 seats.

The LibDems, who always trumpet themselves as the 'New Second Party, have once again done their disappearing act and dropped back from the twenties to the teens.

Other parties such as the Greens, UKIP and BNP bring up the rear with a modest increase, which shows some discontent with the main parties.

Overall, the next election is there for the Conservatives to lose. The only hope for Labour is that someone spreads a vast amount of fairy dust and waves a very large magic wand mending the economy and stopping the fighting overnight.

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