Pope Benedict the XVI has made a stunning attack on the UK’s equality legislation claiming them to be contrary to ‘Natural law’. Well this man is the head of the Catholic Church, he no doubt has a direct line to the ‘Big Man’ upstairs.So who are we to argue?

There are two obvious schools of thought here in relation to the Pope’s comments.

Firstly, He’s right! His attacks are aimed at recent legislation that will outlaw his Church’s ability to distinguish against gay or cross gender individuals who wish to join their ranks or become ordained priests.

I am not Catholic or particularly religious but I understand that the Catholic Church has a deep rooted belief that Gay or Trans Gender persons should not be allowed to spread the word of the catholic faith.

The Catholic Church is a large organisation and should perhaps be given the freedom to select individuals they wish to employ themselves. They are, after all, a religious movement the same as Christians and Muslims. Would we interfere with belief that Muslims take from the Koran, as we seek to do with the same beliefs that the Catholic’s take from the Bible?

This does not mean that gay people are less valuable to our society, just that they are not sought after by the Catholic Church.

The second school of thought is, He’s Wrong!

The British was of life is one base on equality and the notion of ‘best man (or woman) for the job’. Some would say these beliefs in equality, are the very fabric of our society and we should not compromise them far anyone, including ‘His Holiness the Pope’.

Gay Rights groups, who have indicated that they will protest when the Pope arrives in the UK in September will argue that they have fought long and hard to get to the situation where they are approaching equality and acceptance within the community.

They will argue that the Pope’s comments are damaging to their numbers and will be followed by further incidents of gay people being discriminated against and prevented from applying for certain positions.

They will say that this cannot be allowed to happen and they are right. But does this make the Pope Wrong?

In a modern world even the Catholic Church should embrace individuality and accept that a Gay priest could be every bit as effective as a heterosexual one, shouldn’t it?

In this new age society we ARE all equal, aren’t we?

I have no doubt that the non-catholic masses will point to the less than glorious history of abuse committed by priests, and state that the Pope should be more concerned with weeding out this kind of behaviour rather than obstructing people whose behaviour breaks no laws.

But, with all that said the Pope is only, in his view, protecting the institution of which he is the head.

Is he right or is he wrong?….. You decide!

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