Its not very often that I get moved in a positive way by the news but the news of Nigel Parker and the Christmas lights of Portishead warmed the innards of this cynical reporter. In a celebrity obsessed age our cultural events only gain prestige when a celebrity takes the centre stage leaving us mere mortals in awe of their grand presence.

Well that was the case until the people of Portishead demonstrated their humanity and acknowledged a humble 21 year old checkout worker who has touched the lives of the town's people so much that they asked him to turn on the Christmas lights.

YouTube video no longer available.

This story give us all hope for all of us in Britain with the simple act of love that Portishead gave to man who does the most menial of jobs and does so with humility and kindness. If we are to look for the soul of Britain then look no further than the story of Nigel Parker.

Its like a Hollywood film tearjerker plot landed right in the middle of Christmas but this time it's for real. But this is a true story where the underdog really does have his day and the rest of the world tearfully sits back and questions its values. Every village, town and city in Britain has a Nigel Parker so people of Britain stand up, acknowledge and embrace them, for the world would be a very empty place without the mark they leave on our lives.

Forget the economic situation for a moment, if we lose our humanity by forsaking the wonderful contribution people like Nigel give to our society then we are dead to ourselves.

So let us stand up and applaud the people of Portishead and Nigel for their gift to all of us this Christmas.

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