Last night Portsmouth City Council voted to leave the European Union, the first British city to declare for out. The motion proposed by UKIP was passed with a huge majority of 21-15.

Portsmouth's City Solicitor and Monitoring Officer initially refused to allow the UKIP motion to be debated, despite similar motions already having been passed by Lincolnshire County Council and Havering Borough Council.

What this means practically is that Portsmouth City Council will not be able to use their taxpayer funded newsletters to the people of Portsmouth to stealth promote the European Union during the Referendum campaign.

Councillor Julie Swan, UKIP's Deputy Group Leader who seconded the motion said, "I'm delighted that the Council has passed this motion. I wasn't born the last time that the British people were allowed to vote on membership of the EU.

"It's important to debate this once in a lifetime opportunity and to encourage the people of Portsmouth to get involved. I´m glad the Monitoring Officer finally saw things our way."

UKIP Rosette (LGT)

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