And when I say ‘our’ debt I mean it is ‘ours’ because the organisations that made a mint in the run up to the ‘crunch’ have now successfully ‘socialised’ the debt amongst the rest of us when the bill arrived.

Many people do not understand ‘money’ (apart from you can buy stuff with it), how it is ‘created’, how banking works and how this current crisis came about.

A good place to start though is at the Positive Money web-site.

Here they explain the system and the problems in easily digested chunks with the help of videos.

They also organise meet-up groups where like-minded people can get together.

But the good people of Positive Money have not stopped there.

They are now planning to find train up some 50 volunteers over the next couple of months so that they can speak at events and take the message to the people.

More and more of us are meeting up around the country to learn more about this debt-based system. We're positive, proactive people who want to work towards solving the debt crisis and reducing poverty, debt and economic chaos.” It says on their web-site.

This video of Tory MP Steve Baker is well worth a watch on this subject. (Ian Britton) (Ian Britton)

Without a fundamental change to the way we deal with money we will keep staggering from crisis to crisis. But all the major politicians seem to want to do is tinker around the edges to keep the package palatable to the general public while the money-men continue as before.

If you do nothing else please visit their site and watch the main video on the home page. Better still sign up for the newsletter and then get involved.

The more people that understand what is going on in the depths of the banks the more likely we are to get the system working for the many not just the privileged few.

And, as Mervyn King said: "Of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today."

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