The Brexit Romour mills are working overtime at the moment with claims that the EU won't renegotiate but other claims that they will negotiate and we're not talking about extending article 50, but we are actually, or are we?


A quick look around the media today and you get warnings in one source that the EU will not negotiate any more, whereas in another there are claims that they will and even that there are major concessions on the way from the EU.

And while the Brexit secretary says no-one's talking about extending Article 50 because it's not government policy, other sources are claiming that UK officials have started the talks on it and Ireland has already piped up and said it won't stand in the way if the UK wants to extend Article 50.

I think it's safe to say that much of this is probably a lot of post Christmas froth.

But while we're waiting for the winds of clarity to blow this froth away, UK MPs are busying themselves in trying to stop a no-deal Brexit, or more technically correct, stop a WTO Brexit.

And part of this is an amendment to the Finance Bill due to be debated in the Commons this afternoon that plans to put a stop to a no deal World Trade Organisation (WTO) exit from the EU.

Now some are saying that this is just a symbolic gesture and that the only thing it does, is limit tax raising powers in the event of a no-deal, so it doesn't actually in itself prevent a no deal exit. And presumably it could easily be reversed later once we've left on WTO terms to stop the country grinding to a halt anyway.

But I believe it is more than just a symbolic gesture. If the anti-Brexiteers win this one, it will give them heart and increase their determination to do more of the same with all of the other legislation due to go through parliament that they can insert amendments into in the coming weeks.

The end result could well be a government tied down by so many different amendments to so many different bits of legislation that a no-deal Brexit becomes impossible, or as near as.

On the plus side though it would also give them another reason to vote down Theresa May's terrible Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal.

Now, both Brexiteers and Remainers want to defeat May's deal, but the Brexiteers need other legislation to go through leaving the route to a no-deal unfettered, but the Remainers want to kill-off the no-deal option.

So I think that May's deal is a dead duck either way and that the battles ahead will be over getting no-deal blocking amendments into the upcoming legislation.

And the aim of the Remainers, if both the no-deal and May's deal are rejected, would be to kick the date of the UK's withdrawal, currently legislated in both EU and UK law to be 11pm on the 29th March, into the longest grass available to give time at the very least for a new EU referendum.

Now, just to be clear, as far as I'm concerned the majority of those politicians, both MPs and Lords, in Westminster as well as the civil service are fiercely pro-EU.

For them there is only one option and that is to fully reverse Brexit – they are not interested in anything else.

For them May's deal is crashing out of the EU, for them Canada +++ is crashing out of the EU, for them the Norway option is crashing out of the EU and for them a no-deal WTO exit is crashing out of the EU.

In fact, any deal with the EU that is not full membership, however favourable would, as far as they are concerned, be crashing out of the EU.

I don't care what they claim, their aim is to keep us in the EU and they will do all they can in the next 80 days, which is all they have left, to get what they want.

Then they will sit back and use the next three years that they have, before the next general election, to get things back to the usual red versus blue two party state and hope our memories dim in the intervening period and we forget that the EU really rules us or just get used to accepting it all over again.

It must be so frustrating for those Remainer MPs to be forced to sit on their hands while they're itching to vote to force the government to go cap in hand to Brussels for an Article 50 extension or, if the option was ever placed before them, to vote to force the government to revoke the Article 50 letter and reverse Brexit completely, something they would do in a heartbeat.

But that is as nothing compared to the frustration and mounting anger felt by Brexiteers across the country, who find that what they democratically and properly voted for in 2016 in good faith, is being totally undermined and worked against by the very politicians that were voted into seats in the 2017 General Election and took the money and power that goes with it, after fraudulently promising they would respect the will of the people and deliver the Withdrawal of the UK from the EU!

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