It transpires, according to a Daily Mail report, that there are now fifty criminal enquiries underway nationwide into postal vote rigging.

With the general election running so close there is always the danger with such activity that the keys to Number 10 could be misallocated due to a few thousand fraudulent votes in some marginal constituencies.

With 46 million potential voters in the country a huge 7 million have registered to vote by post. Many applications arrived just before the deadline for registration ended leaving little or no time for proper checks to be made.

For example the Metropolitan Police are looking at 28 claims of major electoral abuse over 12 boroughs.

According to the report Labour supporters ‘stand accused’ of using relatives from overseas or even phantom voters to swell the electoral role with Labour friendly votes.

A Daily Mail investigator visited one of the addresses where eighteen voters were alleged to live. The residents professed to know nothing about the registered names.

Apart from the general election aspect there is the matter of the concurrent local elections. The Daily Mail say they found two Labour councillors’ addresses where the number of adults that live there had suddenly ballooned on the electoral role.

Also, according to the Mail’s Richard Kay the Commonwealth is, for the first time ever, going to send a group of election monitors to the UK. An honour normally extended to the odd banana republic, not to scrutinise a UK election. Hopefully they're just here to see how it should be done properly.

The Express also wades in against Labour claiming that the last few days and hours of the election campaign will be used by them purely to scare the electorate away from voting Tory using false claims. It is said that they aim to use the fear of the poorest losing their tax credits if the Tories get in to ‘persuade’ people to vote Labour.

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