During his visit to the UK the US President, Donald Trump, has made it quite clear that he wants to do a trade deal, a big trade deal!


During his visit to the UK the US President, Donald Trump, has made it quite clear that he wants to do a trade deal, a big trade deal!

Donald Trump is champing at the bit to get a trade deal done with the UK and is openly chivvying us along to get on with Brexit and throw off the shackles of the EU.

He is also quoted in a White House statement as saying:

"A strong and independent United Kingdom, like a strong and independent United States, is truly a blessing on the world."

And in the White House statement it said:

"President Donald J. Trump is honored to be back in the United Kingdom during this important time of change and opportunity for its nations and people."

As well as:

"President Trump supports Brexit being accomplished in a way that will not affect global economic and financial stability while also securing independence to the United Kingdom."

All that President Trump has done, from these comments to the speech he made at the Banquet last night, was show a positive attitude towards the UK and a belief that the UK can make its own way in the world.

Why aren't our politicians talking like that?

Actually many of our politicians, including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, seem intent on trying to put the people of the UK against him.

Everything these pitiable people have done is childish in the extreme. And when Donald Trump responds they call him the bad guy.

I mean, insulting balloons and the like …. you have to question their political acumen don't you?

And you only have to look at who those lefties actually support to see who the real dangers to this country are.

But as far as I'm concerned, the thrust of all this is not to have a go at Trump. It is an attempt at driving as large a wedge between the UK and the US as they can.

And disgustingly, they don't care how many war graves they effectively trample all over or how many US voters they upset while they're doing it.

They are even prepared, maybe even intent on, risking the UK/US special relationship.

No, they want to upset Trump or keep him and the US as far away as possible to prevent the UK and the US coming to a post Brexit agreement.

Because a good comprehensive trade deal with the US would put paid to any chances of the UK Remaining in the EU or staying as part members in a customs union with the EU and they know it.

It would also endanger many of the more communist style policies that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party would want to inflict on the UK.

All Corbyn wants, as far as I can see, is for the UK to be distanced from the EU just enough to keep trade going while giving him the freedom to build his Marxist UK Utopia.

But a big trade deal with the US might prevent that, depending on the terms of the agreement of course.

Finally, I believe that The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, has been seen entering Winfield House, which is the official residence of the US ambassador to the UK and is where Donald Trump is staying during his visit. It also has the second largest private garden in London after that of Buckingham Palace.

Seems our establishment can't keep those two apart doesn't it?

The US ambassador will also be hosting a black tie dinner tonight with Prince Charles and Camilla as guests of honour – wonder if Nigel is on the guest list too?



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