Straight off his polo horse (and I don't mean Camilla) the Prince of Wales decides to set the record straight and give a piece of his mind to all those nasty people who question global warming.

I mean who are we mere mortals to question the authority of a man who has spent most of his life cushioned from the rest of the world like Buddha before enlightenment.

Princess Diana's ex decided to stick his oar into the debate on global warming in Manchester at the launch of 'Start', which is an initiative to give advice to the public on how to live more sustainable lives and become a yoghurt weaver like his Royal Bonkersness.

Now to be fair I like old Charlie because he's a bit of a character and according to a mutual friend we share, he is a bloomin decent chap who does more for charity than he gets credit for.

I am rather apathetic to the monarchy and if I awoke one morning to find it had been disbanded I am sure there won't be some catastrophic incident. Life will continue as normal (unless David Icke is right and in fact they are all giant lizards who rule the world).

Anyway his royal oopsy daisyness really doesn't like the idea of questioning global warming so come on everyone lets just have faith in the hair to the throne and pay more tax to protect the environment from any further disruption by man even though the evidence is sketchy.

Charles is a man's man and he jets all over the world with a carbon footprint comparative with that of Pakistan and good on him because he is royalty I'll have you know and therefore beyond reproach and better than us.

So let's sit and listen to him tell us how to live our lives and reduce our carbon foot print just in case he is right about something that is unproven.

You may ridicule him for his argument as laughable in the eyes of many learned scientists who have studied global warming all their lives and find no link with man, but I say to you this man who talks to plants knows what he is on about and you should shut up and know your place.

What I am trying to say is, that when it comes to global warming and climate change, I am rather on the fence just as I am when it comes to the monarchy and so are many people in the country. But I will not listen to Simon Cowell when it comes to music (I know the musical tripe he is responsible for) nor will I listen to Prince Charles when it comes to science.

It's not being disrespectful to our planet its just not caring (which winds up global warming alarmists like there is no tomorrow….which there isn't if you listen to their side of the argument) until there is solid evidence presented but the environment must be treated with respect  because without it we cease to exist.

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