Speculation is rising amongst royal spectators that there could be a royal engagement in June due to a clear diary for the month of June which is quite unprecedented.

Unless Harry pops the question to Chelsy it is almost certainly going to be Prince William aged 27  and Kate Middleton aged 28 who will be getting engaged.

The couple's extensive courtship could result in marriage by the end of the year with a possible date in November for the wedding.

Writing on her website 'The Daily Beast', Tina Brown, who was a close friend of Prince William's late mother, has speculated on the dates of the 3rd and 4th of June run high as potential dates for the engagement.

Apparently there is historical precedent for a royal marriage in November seeing as the Queen and Prince Phillip also did the same back in 1947.

This could be a very royal 2 years approaching  with Phillips 90th birthday looming and the Queens Diamond jubilee in 2012 so the icing on the cake would be Prince William settling down with his long term love and close companion Kate Middleton.

Personally I think this is fantastic news and the news could not come at a better time.

The nation is in a serious identity crisis coupled with a cultural, economic and zeitgeist depression engulfing us, a royal wedding is like a breath of fresh air.

Let's hope we have the carnival spirit that accompanied Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding. I remember that day in 1981 when every street in Britain came out in celebration.

We need such a day once again to rekindle our community spirit.

Congratulations Kate and William and I wish the Prince's mother could be here to see the fine man he has grown into. I am apathetic to the royal family but if we are to have a future King of Britain, we could not hope for better in William or his Brother Harry.

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