The heir to the throne has secretly spent a night sleeping rough in London in a wonderful display of humanity that should make all Brits raise a glass to the young prince.

OK I am sure there were a few members of MI5 strategically placed out of sight to protect him but all the same a noble act to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness.

I must say if MI5 were there then they were nearly foiled by a stray road sweeper that nearly ran over the most eligible man in Britain leaving the fate of the royal family to Prince Harry and his future offspring.

However, luckily, no one was hurt so the royal bloodline within William's family jewels (excuse the pun) remains fully intact if not a little chilly by the experience of minus 4 degrees on the streets by Blackfriars Bridge, where he bedded for a night with little in the way of comfort except for cardboard boxes in between some wheelie bins.

Most homeless people face attacks every night by drug dealers, pimps and the odd idiot out for a bit of sport kicking the daylights out of a homeless person in order to feed their macho status. And luckily the prince did not experience such trauma but I am sure the concrete pillow will leave a mark on him for some time to come.

After his grueling and sleepless night on the streets, Prince William went on a tour to meet young homeless people and even cooked them a breakfast which I find a very touching gesture that demonstrates that William has a heart of servitude, a quality that is sadly lacking from those that would have us believe that they serve us.

I am of course referring to our MPs who demonstrate servitude in a very self serving way.

All we need is for all MPs to do the same and sleep rough on a rotational basis with 5 of them out every night.

The tripe that passes as our legal judicial system will defend MPs from prosecution when they have knowingly ripped off the tax payer yet many tax paying families will be forced onto the street because of their actions.

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