Unless Charles lives for another 60 years without abdication it looks most likely that Prince William will be king. Was there any doubt he wouldn't be? But this young man is working his way into the hearts of the British nation in the same way that his mother did which will make him the King of hearts.

The young prince has shown on many occasions that he is a man of compassion which, mixed with the sense of duty he has had drummed into him since he was a child and willingness to get his hands dirty, will make this prince a formidable King.

You may be right in thinking that William's charitable works are all part of a public relations exercise from Clarence hous. But it is how he conducts himself that leaves the indelible impression that this young man genuinely wants to do good for his fellow man through charitable works.

I wonder where he gets it from?

Well to put it all down to Diana may be a knee-jerk reaction and would leave out the great charitable works that his father has done before Diana came on the scene. The Warmth that William displays towards the needy and children is unmistakably from his mother though.

The Mail has just run a story that shows William receiving the biggest hug in history from a young lad at a school for children with learning difficulties in Eresby (and well done to them for covering some good news for a change, which is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the tripe reported outside of serious journalism).

Children are intuitive and that young boy obviously picked up on William's warmth, which is  something that  the public relations team for the prince were over the moon about but not as delighted as the children in that school were to see the young prince.

William's appearance today at the School in Eresby was not the only one of his royal duties that day. The Young Prince also went and visited St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln, where his mother visited in 1992 and again William touched the hearts of all he met just as his mother did.

Now the cynical among you might think "if I had his money and all I had to do was meet a few people then I would make an effort to be nice to people" but that's not the point. This isn't an effort to William, it just comes naturally.

I am neither for, nor against, the monarchy but if we do have a King I'd rather he was a good one.

If I am wrong and he turns into a tyrant, send him to the tower.

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