3D printing will Revolutionise our Lives

The invention of the computer is allowing the human race to develop ever faster. With new technologies constantly in creation, the next big innovation in the manufacturing area is set to be the use of 3D printers to produce car parts, medical aids and much more.

Manufacturing on demand

As computers become more powerful and software is made more accessible, it is estimated that by 2020 the global 3D printer market will be worth an estimated $17.2 billion according to the online website Consultancy.uk. Though companies such as Tente UK will still be in high demand for essential castor wheels to transport goods and equipment.

3D printing will also allow businesses to produce items on demand for hi-tech customised products by using software-encoded design instructions. Using 3D printing will also help reduce the cost of preparing architectural models when designing buildings and structures.

3D Printing (PD)

Rapid change is coming

An article in the Guardian online explains that the technology for 3D printing has been available since the 1970s, but it has not been financially viable until the recent decade. Exciting innovations and patent expiry has led to a rapid decrease in the cost of 3D printing devices, meaning they are now available online and in shops around the world.

The industrial capabilities of these printers is growing quickly and they can now use at least ten separate materials at once to construct complex components, in some cases at very low cost. This technology will have a huge impact on industry and the global economy in the near future and most consumers will be aware of the benefits of 3D printing by 2020.

3D printers helping small businesses

As 3D printers become cheaper, smaller companies will be able to use the technology to experiment with new ideas. One thing that must be remembered is the need to have someone who has 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills. Designers are producing templates which can be downloaded straight to your computer, allowing you to add your own dimensions and manipulate the look of the final item. There are also online businesses that own their own printers, who will offer to create any three-dimensional object you require for a fee.

Gaming becomes reality

The world of online gaming is a huge and lucrative business. The 3D Printing Industry website describes how an estimated six to seven million subscribers to the game, World of Warcraft, can now buy their own personalised characters. Gamers worldwide are fanatical about the fictional worlds in which they play, and 3D printing will serve to enhance the gaming experience.

Art and technology

Product design is a rapidly changing marketplace and 3D printing is a part of that process. Up and coming artists, jewellery makers and technology enthusiasts are all working together to produce a wide range of products. An Iranian born eyewear designer named Nasim Sehat uses 3D printing to make unique glasses. Greek engineers who have designed and produced a 3D printed drone demonstrate another use for this technology. The future of the world is changing rapidly and hopefully these printers will benefit us in many ways.

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