Microsoft's new hardware add-on for the Xbox 360 has been renamed Microsoft Kinect from it's former title of Project Natal.

Kinect is a motion sensor which is hands free and uses a camera to map human movement then convert that movement to correspond the body's motion with on-screen motion or to just trigger actions via motion.

Kinect will meet competition from the upgraded Nintendo Wii Motion Plus and the Sony PlayStation Move motion sensor controllers, so there is a battle ahead later on this year when all the new generation motion sensors should be available in the shops leaving the consumer to decide which sensor has the edge and even if the motion sensor can compensate for inferior performance's between the three leading games consoles.

The 3D motion sensor camera on the Xbox sets the Kinect apart from the other motion sensors offered by Sony and Nintendo and will feature heavily at the LA held, E3 Games expo between the 15th and the 17th of  June.

Microsoft is pushing the facial and voice recognition features of the Kinect to gain much promotion during E3 because it is the one main feature that sets it apart from the basic concept of what a motion controller is.

Many are expecting all manner of new titles to be announced at E3 which will utilise and showcase the new Kinect motion sensor's abilities and there are rumours of a Star Wars title to accompany the Kinect but they are yet to be confirmed. However just to mention a first person Star Wars light-sabre game will have Star Wars fanatics salivating.

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