The hosting provider for The Economic Voice, brought this piece of software to our attention. The programme in question is 'Prey', an open source anti-theft solution that lets you track your 'phone or laptop if it is lost or stolen.

Prey comes  comes in two versions, a paid 'pro' version and a free version for limited use.

Here is what emailitis had to say about Prey:

We have discovered a piece of software that we simply had to pass on for those cases where a laptop is stolen or goes missing.

A True Story.  During the recent London riots someone had their laptop stolen.  The police were unable to help initially.  But he had Prey installed.  This then gave a webcam shot of the person using it, a Google Maps location of the computer and a screen shot of what the person was doing.  When they then logged into Facebook, the Police knew who the thief was and caught them.

How It Works.  Computers are loaded with the software, and an account created.  When a device is stolen and marked as missing, it can sound an alarm, put a message to say it is stolen, take a picture on a webcam, show screen shots of the thief and even do things like lock email and stored passwords.  It is really something that you cannot do without!

The Company. Prey Project is the website.  There is a free option limiting it to 3 devices and 10 reports per device.  Then for larger organisations, there are subscription-based options.

Setup.  The setup is fairly straightforward.  However, if anybody would like the peace of mind of having this protection but is not confident in setting it up, we will do this  for you.  Please contact us to discuss how many computers in your organisation (or home, for personal users) and we will discuss the best way of installing it all for you and testing it. (This last paragraph was aimed at their current customers, but we'll give them a quick plug as a very conscientious, flexible and highly reliable team. And if they say this is a good programme then I don't doubt it.)

Emailitis has a twitter feed at!/emailitis/status/103447122225020928 so if you are on Twitter, please pass this on.

So, take the precaution, it's not just during riots and looting that items go missing!

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