So there we have it, or will have it or in the case of the Euro… we certainly not will be having it! This is why I like the Tory party. We will not take anything against our policies. A certain Mrs T did just that and laughed at the thought of suggesting giving in to parliament. She stood by her guns, say what you will about her but she did not fail in that department. She stood for Briton and she did it with gusto. Now some of the political parties are not so willing to stand up for what they believe in. Clegg having previously voted for blue, but then there are many things you are unable to do when you are sat quite firmly in the back pocket of the European Union. Tony Blair, now I can see what went wrong there. Broken promises were not that big a deal to browns predecessor as his father just so happened to be a Tory. So we can’t blame him for that after all, can we? “Tough on crime, tough on causes of crime” the words of Tony Blair oh no sorry, the words of Gordon brown as I recall, snatched from beneath him by his own party leader. Honestly can you Adam and Eve it? It’s a Tory life for me at least I know where I stand.

With the election results we found ourselves without a government. We were unable to find a party who had a majority, perhaps we should have tried picking the party who received the most amount of secured seats? Churchill you may argue moved between parties, although this was because he stood for what he believed in. The fact that he spent time sat upon Liberal and Tory benches is of no matter. He stuck to his guns, it wasn’t his fault that his guns were being passed back and forth at the time! David Cameron has made sure that should he allow the LibDems an opportunity to stay at the Tory B+B for a while that he will have to behave himself , not smoke in the rooms and be in by ten just as any other guests. David Cameron has displayed all the qualities of a P.M, along with none of the faults of being a LibDem. Oh yes however many people say he is not our Prime Minister, for however many how continue to emphasise the fact that he is not yet head of government; I say to these people that DC has fooled you all! David Cameron is already PM! The fact that he has not yet added the title on to his name is insignificant! DC stood behind that podium, next to a man who basically laughed in his face. What did he do about this? Yes, he ignored it and refused to stoop to that level. Boris showed us these exact qualities during question time. He sat back and laughed as when you are right, and you know in your heart that what you say, feel and believe is moral, logical and above all else feels right to you. What possible need is there to justify yourself, if your instincts are not rising up against you and your conscience hasn’t taken place upon your shoulders then why care what anyone else thinks?

I say to you, show me a man who is deserving of the title of prime minister! Show me a man who can take the Thatcher ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, then can also adopt the understanding of great thinkers such as Pericles, Aristotle and Plato. A man who can be blue but provide for the working man, possess the pride of a lion but not be limited by membership of that pride. An MP who has received bad press time and time again but still continues to move forward unaffected. A man who has been referred to as ‘not a real Tory’ (well if he isn’t a Tory someone please tell me what he is, as I am one too!) though carries on regardless! Someone who has proved his critics wrong and his supporters right. Then my friends, I shall show you a prime minister! In fact I shall show you not one but two!

Go ahead, argue that D.C is not in fact a real Tory. I shall say to you in that case you are unaware of what a Tory is.

I have been told I share libertarian views. I however am not a libertarian. This is my point. The Tory party is not simply a political party. It is a collection of people who have strong opinions and beliefs. A party which has shown through the ages that they want what is best, what they feel is right. The fact that like all people some members may make mistakes or do something that at the time may seem illogical matters not. This is a party that caters for all, with Briton and its peoples interest at heart. Just as we cannot judge a whole race upon one person’s actions, neither can we do so here. Do you think it would be possible to find such a large group of people that have no conflicting views? No! If you do then you are sadly mistaken.

Harold Wilson’s party saw a change when passed to Edward heath, this was not made by one man alone. This was made by expanding knowledge, learning new things and listening to each other. By debate and the ability to consider others opinions, not label them with words such as bigot , arrogant, ignorant, or any other derogatory term. To admit when you are wrong is a quality. No doubt that last statement will bring people trying to prove me wrong en masse to myself. Then that is your right, the right to say how you feel, the ability to debate. This is something that a Tory will happily do. I put it to you that being a Tory is not just a political party but a way of life.

I would much rather this than bowing down to the E.U and throwing away the sterling, or changing for anyone who doesn’t like the person I am. I am who I am and I believe in what I believe, as I feel deep down I am right. I should have no need to justify myself to anyone. However, that does not mean I will not debate a topic, if I didn’t, I would never learn anything.

“…..  if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you , but make allowance for their doubting too …… ”

As Mr Kipling once said “you will be a man my son”.

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