Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny has been given a very definite nudge to ask the extremely wealthy Queen Elizabeth to foot the bill for her lodgings during her upcoming visit to Ireland next month.

Joe Higgins Socialist TD offered Enda Kenny in the Irish Parliament the suggestion that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the last 2nd should part with some of her vast wealth to stay in Ireland during next month's historic visit.

Mr Higgins said "In view of the fact that the Royal Family of Britain is one of the wealthiest families in the world and this country is almost sleeping rough, so to speak, figuratively, would you ask the Queen if she might make a contribution towards her own bed and breakfast costs to assist the unfortunate taxpayers, and go easier on them," which was met by much laughter from within the chamber.

Mr Higgins went on to question the timing of American President Barack Obama's visit to Ireland which would yet again cost the Irish taxpayer a fortune in taxes at a time when the country is in dire financial difficulty.

The visit is seen as a rallying post to woo Irish Americans before the forthcoming American presidential election next year. Speaking to the Irish Parliament Mr Higgins said "Isn't it a bit rich really that the Irish taxpayer, as well as bailing out European speculators, must now make a contribution to the re-election campaign of the United States' president?"

Enda Kenny spoke of his support for the grandstanding by Obama and the Queen saying "I see that as an investment for business, for tourism, for the development of our economy and for the projection for Ireland as a country that has grown up, and that faces the future, has dealt with adversity in the past and will again in the future, and will be a better people," the Taoiseach said.  "Both Queen Elizabeth and President Obama are warmly welcome to our shores."

In other words I want my photo taken with Barack and Elizabeth and I don't give a hoot about the slaves taxpayer.

Does Mr Kenny think that people are so dim witted that they believe America, which is about to go bust will in some way improve trade? Or that Ireland, which is already trading quite quite comfortably with the UK will suddenly gain new trading contracts because the Queen comes over with her  Nazi husband and waves her hand about a bit?

People of Ireland you're becoming a joke…….you have already sold your soul to Europe and now you pay for your former oppressors and current oppressors (via the banking system) to visit you when you can't even afford to pay the banking system's debts your debts.

Do you ever get the feeling you're being conned?

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