OK the headline is a bit tabloid but Vince Cable was the face that met the public and panel backlash to the budget on question time. Ed Balls, Caroline Lucas, and Peter Hitchens all had grievances with the coalition's first budget and voiced their opinions accordingly.

Well that is what Question Time is about after all.

Co-founder of lastminute.com Brent Hoberman who sits on the Prime Minister's business  council was also on the panel much to the relief of Vince Cable to give some reprieve to the barrage of flak aimed at the coalition's representative.

The hypocrisy of Ed Balls giving fiscal criticism towards Vince Cable was clearly something that annoyed the business secretary who went on to express his feelings on said matter.

Peter Hitchens who is a shrewd and calculating character did not hold back at his disappointment at the new policies, in particular Michael Gove's education reforms and was eloquent and concise in presenting his argument.

And so forth.

There were no clear arguments made against the coalition and its budget, just the usual political undermining from the two panellists who did not find themselves in the seats of influence in the house of commons.

All in all it must be said that it was a reminder why Labour should never be offered the reins of power again. Ed Balls just sat there and gave a non-constructive attack on Vince's party and their role in the coalition.

The job of effective opposition is to present alternatives and not to sound like a child who breaks his friend's action man just because he doesn't have one.

Then there was the London audience and lets not forget them because they are the people who ask the questions even though that felt like a side show to the nauseating  political point scoring going on between the representatives of the three main parties.

The audience seemed like a poorly chosen demographic representation of British society because there was hardly any backing for either the government's budget or policies.

Now then, now then.

This makes you think, either there really was a badly chosen cross section of society for the show or the British public are not happy with the position the government is taking with regards to cuts, taxation and education.

The latter probability is down to the fact that the coalition needs to make the case for reform and cuts much clearer.

Ed Balls and Caroline Lucas stood their ground on opposing the cuts whilst wilfully ignoring the economic truth facing this country and the huge debt that needs to be paid back in order to continue to sustain any semblance of a public sector.

All in all Vince Cable did well, it was never going to be an easy appearance on question time for him.

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