How man politicians can defend their position and that of their party by uttering the words "Rhubarb, Rhubarb"?

There is only one man who can achieve the impossible task of pronouncing the name of a vegetable twice to turn the tide of a debate and that is Boris Johnson.

He is more than a novelty politician yet many do not regard him as a politician at all because of his aloof demeanor and wayward antics but he does seem to get things done in a haphazard sort of way.

London has not collapsed since his appointment as mayor and the people of that city love him so why is it that his achievements are put down to being more by luck than judgment?

Well it is hard to imagine him being capable as anything more when you watch him fumble though interviews and question time but there is method in his madness and he has perfected the art of misdirection.

On Question Time he is entertaining to the point where you forget what the question was and just sit and wait for his reply even to the most aggressive of  unmemorable ripostes because you know there is going to be a quick witted and humorous reply.

Will Self was his usual scathing, fantastic and poignant  self (no pun intended) but not even his repository of facts embedded within a brain that puts the British Library to shame could contend with Boris's charming, passionate,  sometimes irrelevant symphonic tirade of metaphors that could confuse the handle off a teapot.

The question though, is this what we want our  leading political figures to act like?

Well if he gets the job done and gets it done well who cares?

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