Radiohead have yet again stuck two fingers up at the major record companies and decided to sell their new album called The King of Limbs through their own website. There will however be a CD and Vinyl release through independent record label XL.

The King of Limbs is Radiohead's eighth studio album and contains eight tracks. It will be their second album away from the controls and constraints of the major record labels, to which they were contracted before the 2007 album Rainbows.

Much to the delight of Radiohead fans the album has been released a day earlier than expected and by the sounds of it the fans will be absolutely over the moon.

Radiohead fans are separated into those who continued to love the band after OK Computer and those that don't. The bands commitment to creating original and fresh music has galvanised the hardcore fans and left critics with no choice other than to bow down in admiration at their creativity.

From the moment the opening track entitled Bloom begins you are in familiar territory. Yet it is a more advanced, well thought out and concise Radiohead with Jazz influences on the drums juxtaposed with a double bass sound and a synth trim.

The increasingly otherworldliness quality of Radiohead's music is their strength and as they break away from the vice like grip of tradition pop song format they offer inspiration to the rest of us musicians.

I have to say the percussion is incredibly well thought out, especially on the track Little by Little, the guitar is amazing and the structure has pauses which take the breath away. In fact that track is absolute genius.

Subtleties like the phaser over the piano's muted yet warm EQ on the track Codex with a barely detectable synth (or synth added) bass drum and intermittent ambient synth lines backing to the ethereal vocals of Yorke hit the nail on the mark spot when it comes to arrangement….I also detect a Scott Walker's later work  influence in there with the occasional strings?

I would go as far as to say that this is Radiohead's greatest work to date, Thom York and co have done a remarkable job…..incredibly well produced as well by Nigel Godrich.

If you're not into experimental music and have a very closed mind when it comes to your listening then I suggest you go back to Simon Cowell's musical offerings because this is the real thing.

I give this album 10/10.

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