The Labour Party says it has compared costs on nearly 200 routes between when the Conservatives came to power and the new prices that were implemented yesterday (Monday, 02 January 2017).

The average commuter is now paying £2,788 for their season ticket, £594 more than in 2010.
New figures released today by Labour show:

• That some commuters are paying over £2,000 more to travel to work than in 2010.

• The highest increase was on a Virgin Trains season ticket between Birmingham and London Euston which will have risen by £2,172 since 2010 and now costs more than £10,200.

• The biggest percentage increase identified was between Thame Bridge Parkway near Walsall and Nuneaton, where the cost of an annual season ticket will have risen by 43 per cent since 2010.

• In Theresa May's own constituency the cost of an annual season ticket from Maidenhead to London Paddington has risen by £628 since 2010.

• Commuters travelling from Brighton to London, operated by the beleaguered Southern Rail, will be paying nearly a thousand pounds more (£980) for their season ticket compared with 2010.

Railway thin (PD)

Andy McDonald MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, said:

"Passengers have faced truly staggering fare rises of over £2,000 since 2010. In some cases, commuters are paying 43 per cent more as a direct consequence of decisions made by Ministers. Fares have risen more than three times faster than wages and passengers on some routes have also been hit by 'stealth fare rises' of up to 162 per cent.

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"Passengers were always told that higher fares were necessary to fund investment, but vital projects have been delayed by years and essential maintenance works have been put on hold.

"The truth is that our heavily fragmented railways mean that it takes years longer and costs much more than it should to deliver basic improvements. The railways need reforms that could be implemented if public ownership was extended to passenger services, but Ministers are persisting with a failed model for purely ideological reasons."

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