Remain Tories are now deliberately creating uncertainty in a plot to derail Brexit and Hammond must go, says UKIP

The anti-Brexit faction in the government, led by reprieved Chancellor Philip Hammond, are now actively promoting confusion and uncertainty, as part of their strategy to undermine Brexit negotiations and reverse the process, says UKIP.


Following the Chancellor's statement in French newspaper Le Monde that the UK would not create a more favourable corporate tax regime following Brexit, UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther said:

Brexit 6 (PD)

"Last year Philip Hammond suggested that if the UK were not well treated in the negotiations, he would adjust the UK's tax regime to make it more competitive for attracting inward investment – leading to outrage in the EU hierarchy and Labour's charge of turning Britain into a 'tax haven'.

"Now, in a French newspaper he has said the opposite. Two things are clear: first, that there is a calculated, multi-faceted strategy among the Remain camp to derail Brexit by all and any means; and second, that in the absence of the pro-Brexit cabinet, Philip Hammond is prepared to create this uncertainty for business by arguing with  himself, in French, which presumably he believes the rest of us stupid Brexiteers can't read.

"Hammond must be removed, immediately. He is undermining business confidence and openly working towards the continuation of open borders and the free movement of people which the British people comprehensively rejected last year".

Gerard  Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman added, said:

"This is entirely predictable given that the Prime Minister is still at heart a remainer and put remainers in key positions to achieve a remain result".

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