A Remainer parliament led by a Remainer Speaker is right now debating all the anti-Brexit options they can.


I find it staggering that I am watching our elected representatives in the House of Commons now openly discussing keeping the UK under European Union control by whatever means is available to them.

Actually, I lie, I am not staggered at all, I'm just surprised that it's taken them this long to break cover and that they've left it so late that it will prove to be a political shock to the UK system.

Normally, where the EU ratchet is concerned, it's just a slow incremental process so that no-one realises what's going on.

But believe me, people are taking notice right now!

But those MPs in Westminster are so isolated and shielded from the ordinary voter that I'm not sure they realise how angry people are with their anti-Brexit performances.

And this afternoon MPs are only debating and voting on anti-Brexit proposals.

After the House voted to take control of the order paper again, the Speaker, John Bercow, selected four of the eight amendments for the debates.

These were:

First, Ken Clarke's amendment to put the requirement for a permanent UK-wide customs union with the EU into any withdrawal agreement and political declaration that might arise.

Second is the Common Market 2.0 proposal put forward by Nick Boles.

Third is the so-called 'confirmatory public vote', which really means second EU referendum.

And last is the one called 'parliamentary sovereignty', which basically says that if we get near to the end of the current extension period without agreeing a way forward then we have to ask for another extension. And if no extension is forthcoming, MPs get to vote on whether the UK leaves on a WTO Brexit basis and if that is voted down the government must immediately revoke Article 50.

As you can see. they are all amendments that would be likely, if they gained a majority, to lead either to Brexit being reversed directly, or in the form of EU control over our future in another form.

Now, many remain MPs seem to have decided to back more than one of these amendments and both the Labour Party and the SNP seem to be favouring the Nick Boles plan.

Now the one thing in the Boles plan that the EU will not like is the bit that talks about it including the UK having a say on future EU trade deals. It would also as a default include the free movement of people.

Now, to sort any of those out would require the UK to be involved in EU parliamentary elections.

As to negotiate a customs union would probably take some time, as would setting up common market 2.0 or giving time for a confirmatory vote. And revoking Article 50 means staying in the EU so elections would be a must anyway.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, as well as all Brexiteers I talk to, were the UK to take part in MEP elections it would be a political statement that Brexit had been reversed!

It is as far as I'm concerned part of the one way route to Remaining in the EU.

It would be dressed up as a temporary measure, but we would find ourselves trapped in the EU for the whole parliamentary term as excuse after excuse is made to keep us there.

The troubling bit for me is that those debating these measures all know that we would need to hold MEP elections, but they do not talk about it in their speeches and debates.

They are probably hoping no-one will notice!

Ah well! Let's just see what the votes later tonight bring.

Source: BBC Parliament Live

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