In a move that could potentially tear apart the Conservative Party and more importantly the country, Remainer Tory MPs have warned Boris Johnson that they will bring his government down, if he pursues a no-deal Brexit.


Brussels can now relax, as the Tory Remainer MPs have basically told the Eurocrats that the UK will never leave the European Union. Which is of course the aim of these pro-EU MPs.

Because, not only have they helped the Remain cause by voting to remove the possibility of a new PM shutting down parliament to let the clock run down to a no-deal Brexit, they have also said they will actively work to bring down a government, if it tries to leave the EU without a deal.

All Brussels has to do now, is just to sit back, smile and wait.

Further, according to a Sunday Express report, Remainer Tories were called to Boris Johnson's office, where they laughed when he demanded their loyalty.

One unnamed MP who attended the meeting is quoted in the report as saying:

"I laughed when he said it. I mean, the chutzpah of the man.

"He and the European Research Group showed no loyalty to Theresa May. They are the ones who stopped her deal getting through and stopped Brexit. So why should we show loyalty to him?"

We all know her Withdrawal Agreement was a surrender treaty and it was rightfully rejected. It would have been a sell-out of the country and just have shackled the UK to the EU tighter than ever. And that was a Prime Minister not showing loyalty to the voters who put her there.

So, it's not about loyalty to the PM, it's about parliament's loyalty to the people – something sadly lacking in the I-know-better brigade occupying the Westminster bubble at present.

And another MP said:

"Boris won’t be able to govern. We don’t know when Labour will call their vote of confidence. It could be on Thursday but it is more likely to be September.

"We just want to keep Johnson and the ERG sweating over what we will do but if no-confidence is the only way to stop no-deal then many of us could support it."

Brilliant, bring your own man down and hand the country over to a bunch of Marxists. While kicking your own membership base in the teeth for voting for him.

And one of the ringleaders in this regard is the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond.

He told the BBC that, because he could never back the option of a no deal Brexit he intends to resign from the Treasury, if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister.

Philip Hammond has also said previously that he would 'not exclude anything' when asked if he would vote against the government in a vote of no confidence.

And talking about a no deal scenario Hammond said:

"I am confident that Parliament does have a way of preventing a no-deal exit on October the 31st without parliamentary consent.

"I intend to work with others to ensure Parliament uses its power to make sure that the new government can't do that."

The Justice Secretary, David Gauke, has also said he could not be in a Boris Johnson government if to do so would require signing up to a potential no-deal exit from the EU.

So we'll have a sizeable gang of Tories working to throw all the spanners in the works they can.

All that this talk will do, is destabilise and paralyse the whole UK political system making any attempts to negotiate further with Brussels utterly futile.

The Remainers know this and all they are hoping for, is that it will lead to the reversal of Brexit.

It also makes it extremely difficult for the new Prime Minister to be seen as having the confidence of the House of Commons and this is a very important matter.

I did a video a while back on the subject of the final task that any outgoing Prime Minister has. And that is to recommend to the Queen who she should appoint as the next Prime Minister – yes, that is the procedure.

And that requires Theresa May to recommend to Her Majesty the one person that could command the confidence of the majority in the House of Commons in both themselves and their policies.

So, it's not about who wins the Tory party leadership, it's all about who, in Theresa May's opinion, has the confidence of the House of Commons.

Now with all those Remainer Tory MPs still saying they have the numbers to bring Boris down, if he follows a certain chosen policy path, then what is Theresa May to do?

Then there's Mrs May herself – she will return to the back-benches and could well gang up against Boris too.

Would she really make her final act as prime Minister, the one of recommending a successor into Number Ten that she personally does not support and one that could end up with the shortest tenure in history?

Also, bear in mind that Jeremy Corbyn is also on the political rack and could probably not command a majority in the Commons either.

So, how about Mrs May going into Buck House and saying let's toss a coin?

Or maybe appointing Larry the Downing Street cat and Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Those Tory Remainer MPs may think they are being clever, hoping to pile the pressure on Boris to withdraw his threat of a no deal Brexit. But they might just end up forcing Theresa May to go to the Palace next week and advise the Queen that a General Election should somehow be called as no-one can command that majority.

But now that the fixed term parliament act is in place, a General Election cannot be called without parliament voting for it – either by a vote of no confidence in the government or by a two thirds majority of MPs.

Those pro-EU Tory rebels have put Theresa May in a very difficult position here.

I wonder if she'll come back from the Palace having not resigned but offering a vote on a general election?

Well, the reality is she'll almost certainly go with Boris, then start plotting to bring him down herself.

And those wishing to stop Brexit have a real ally in the form of the SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, who is, says the BBC, is considering bringing forward legislation that would stop no-deal being the default legal position.

In his view there is support across the House of Commons to get that legislation through, or even amend the Withdrawal Agreement to remove any chance of a no deal Brexit.

Then he says that he hopes that the EU will take account of that.

Well, Brussels would take account of that. They would refuse to give the UK an Article 50 extension when asked in the full knowledge that revoking Article 50 is the only other alternative!

And I'm sure that is what Ian Blackford is after – to make Remain the default option to let the clock run down to.


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