It looks like the Remainers are getting together again in a plot to stop a no deal WTO Brexit.


They never stop do they?

Another group of Remainers is now clubbing together to try and stop Brexit by saying that all they want to do is stop a no deal exit from the EU.

It is now Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, who is said to be leading a team of up to 30 Tory MPs in a plot to stop a new Prime Minister going through with a no deal Brexit.

Sky News reports that an informal group led by the Chancellor is said to have met three times in the last month.

"Some of the meetings are understood to have been held in the Chancellor's Commons office, with Mr Hammond increasingly vocal about the risks to the economy and UK union." says Sky News.

And it also says that both David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office and David Gauke, the Justice Secretary are said to be part of this grouping.

David Gauke has recently said that MPs will 'find mechanisms' to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal and also called the prospect of the use of prorogation of parliament to stop MPs blocking no deal, a 'constitutional outrage'.

David Gauke, who defeated a no confidence vote in his constituency against him last week has also said that leaving by the 31st of October was now just about impossible and on stopping a no deal he said:

"If I was to speculate on it, given that we have an activist Speaker, given that there is a parliamentary majority against no deal, a way will be found."

Funny isn't it how people just accept that the Speaker, John Bercow, will be on hand to stop Brexit.

But Gauke did say that he would not support a motion of no confidence against a new Tory government because the threat of ending up with a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government filled him with more dread that a no deal Brexit.

But on the other side, the Brexit Secretary, Steve Barclay said that a new PM would 'turbo-charge' the preparations for a no deal exit from the EU.

Barclay told the Express:

"A no deal Brexit is under-priced. The risk of a no deal is higher than many, particularly in the business community, realise and that is why it is important that we prepare."

And added:

“We will be ready. We're working hard in Government to ensure we are ready. A new prime minister will turbo-charge those plans and I look forward to supporting them.

“We have a short period of time between now and October the 31st and this department is working at pace to get those plans ready.”

He also said that the new Prime Minister should approach Brexit as an opportunity not as a problem to be managed.

And on the dire predictions from the Chancellor of £90 billion being ripped out of the UK economy over the next 15 years, if we left the EU without a deal, Mr Barclay said:

"The idea that one could predict for 2035 with precision and do so in isolation of the decisions that Government takes, I don’t think gives you an accurate picture of where we’ll be."

And I would agree with that considering that no-one seems to be able to predict the UK national debt and GDP figures one month ahead, let alone 15 years.

Steve Barclay also warned that, if Boris Johnson who he supports, won and became Prime Minister but was forced into a general election by the Remain side of the Tory party, then the Tory Party would have no choice but to form some sort of alliance with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party in order to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number Ten.

"If Remainer Conservatives drive us to a general election," Said Barclay, "we are going to need a pact with the Brexit Party in order to survive."

And he raised the possibility of having to form some sort of joint manifesto with the Brexit Party as the survival of a free-market UK relied on stopping Corbyn.

He also said he was not very fond of Nigel Farage because he had caused so many problems for the Brexit side.

But The Brexit Party is slick, he said and developing a mass movement that, unless stopped, could wipe out the Conservative Party.

And the way to stop that happening he said, would be too deliver Brexit on time.

And the most likely thing to keep the minds of wavering Tories concentrated, is the threat of an inheritance robbing, property snatching, Tax and spend Corbyn led horror-show government.


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