This post-Brexit Sandwich saga seems to have grown a real set of legs recently, with every anti-Brexiteer claiming our sarnies are at severe risk.


According to a report in, our humble sarnie is toast if we leave the EU on WTO terms.

According to its report we Brits buy four billion sandwiches a year from supermarkets alone, all stuffed full of fresh foreign produce.

I don’t think consumers understand how complex and global our industry is,” said Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association. “If we crash out of Europe, we’d have problems even if only at border control because our industry works on a fresh basis and our products have a low shelf life. Ingredients could rot in the docks before getting to us.”

Now, I thought I'd do a bit of research using my favourite search engine and lo and behold I found a Guardian report from 2003, you know, when Brexit was just a twinkle in Nigel's eye.

The crux of it is that all our 'fresh ' stuff ain't so fresh.

  • Apple – Typical storage time 6 to 12 months
  • Lettuce – Typical storage time 1 to 4 weeks
  • Banana – Typical storage time 14 days
  • Tomato – Typical storage time 1 to 6 weeks
  • Potato – Typical storage time 2 to 12 months
  • Carrot – Typical storage time 1 to 9 months

And, if such things like lettuce and tomato do find their way into a supermarket sandwich, do you think it will be those articles that are at the fresher end of the spectrum or those nearer their sell by dates?

Anyway, once we've got our fishing grounds back we can start enjoying copious amounts of fish and chips, then there's always the good old pastie or sausage roll isn't there?

Now, according to Bloomberg a person who is familiar with the situation, said that the UK is now aiming to complete the EU/UK Brexit deal by the end of November.

Whereas the EU wants it done and dusted by the end of this September.

"May’s team thinks that by the end of November the EU will be so preoccupied with the prospect of Trump disrupting a G-20 summit that they will want to get the Brexit deal wrapped up…." Said Bloomberg.

So, she's going to try and play brinkmanship with the EU based on a deal that her own Brexiteers hate, the EU has all but discarded and even Remainers are not happy with.

In fact as far as I can see, the only people that want this deal to hang together now are one, the career Tory politicians who put party, power and position before the country! And two, those Remainers that see the Chequers deal as a way of keeping the UK tied firmly to the EU so offering a route to full re-entry later.

Moving on, the doom-sayers are, it seems, learning a lesson. The latest food scare to emerge is not about the day or week after Brexit, it is about the UK running out of food a year after a WTO Brexit.

"Britain would run out of food on this date next year if it cannot continue to easily import from the EU and elsewhere after Brexit, the National Farmers’ Union has warned." Reports the Guardian.

Isn't it typical of Remoaners to continually portray a no-deal WTO Brexit as a no-trade Brexit. It isn't.

Trade will be done and a way around all these problems the Remainers keep throwing up will be found and found quickly when the chips are down.

Why, because the livelihoods of so many EU citizens rely on the UK buying their stuff.

And as the Guardian article itself points out, thirty years ago the UK produced 74% of its own food, that has now dropped to 60%.

But also bear in mind that the population of the UK has increased by over 16% in that same time, which may explain some of the difference. And if the population size increases at its present rate then we might see the need to import food increase evermore.

Now that is not an excuse to throw open the borders of this country to get more agricultural workers. It is a message to get control of our population growth and use our population's skills more sensibly and our land more sustainably.

Where is the logic in taking in more and more people to service an overstretched agricultural system and further erode our nation's food security forcing us to rely ever more heavily on imported food – unless of course your aim is to destroy the UK's ability to be self sufficient to any degree.

And that can only mean the aim to destroy the UK as a nation state altogether.

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