Now that renting is becoming the new norm for more and more people a handy little infographic outlining the rules of the renting game has been produced.

The infographic touches on subjects from looking at the location of your potential rental property to your relationship with your landlord.


Rentopoly - Rules of the renting game

As renting and renting for longer becomes more usual it is important that people look at a property and the landlord with the long term in mind. This is not now a question of 'can I put up with this for six months?' But more a question of can I happily live here for several years.

This infographic, put together by, covers all the normal areas where problems can build up and turn what should be a nice place to live into a living nightmare.

It gives tips on what to look out for in rental contracts and also gives a few examples of the average incomes and rents in certain towns and cities.

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