Lingering in the back of the British psyche has always been the fascination with the possibility of what might have happened if the Nazis had indeed succeeded in their planned occupation of the United Kingdom.

The nightmarish concept has also intrigued film makers for decades with the possibilities of an alternative history wherein the Nazis actually succeeded in the occupation of these shores or at least successfully set foot on the mainland proving to be a goldmine for writers and directors alike.

With Resistance (2011), Welsh author Owen Sheers has adapted his own novel for the screen whilst teaming with director Amit Gupta to envisage an alternative 1944, a chilling scenario that witnesses the German War Machine successfully take control of England and advance into the mountainous terrain of Wales.

Set in an isolated valley amidst the Black Mountains, the plot finds farmer’s wife Sarah Lewis (Andrea Riseborough) struggle in the keep of her estate in the face of German occupation with the dawning realisation that her husband alongside other men of the village (now part of a resistance movement) may never return.

The take on an alternate history with the Allies defeated by the Nazis and Britain under occupation by a foreign power has previously provided rich pickings for cinema.

Previous explorations into what may have been range from the commercial and action orientated adaptation of the Frederick Forsyth bestseller The Eagle has Landed (1976) to the more chilling possibility of life under Nazi rule in the Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo directed feature It Happened Here (1966).

As for Resistance, Gupta has seemed to have managed to capture the beauty and harshness of the Welsh borderland in winter, counterbalancing the stunning scenery against the overwhelming sense of bleakness found in the protagonists as they gradually come to terms with German occupation and the complexities of that new found relationship.

The teaser also seems to indicate that Riseborough along with Michael Sheen, Tommy Wlaschia and Kimberley Nixon have been given enough quality material to deeply explore a whole range of emotions and actions thrown up by the plot.

Hopefully, the film will match its passionately driven trailer.

Resistance is released on 25th November 2011.

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