Pastor David Wilkerson's memorial service was held at Times Square Church, the church which he nurtured into one of the worlds most respected and influential ministries.

David Wilkerson cannot be described as a preacher because he was unlike any other preacher of the 20th or 21st century who we can relate to.

His ministry has touched millions of people around the world and his humble, servant heart reached across the world with his selfless and tireless works to help his fellow man and lead them from the darkness of this world and into the light of Jesus Christ.

Pastor David achieved this through not just ministry but in setting up Teen Challenge, an organisation that helps young people with drink, drug, gang and prostitution problems and addictions.

He was light in the darkness.

During the service, brother David (as he was commonly known) was honoured by friends and family with the incredible Times Square Church worship team/choir taking things onto a new level in their praise and worship.

David's two sons and son-in-law paid tribute to their earthly and heavenly father whilst giving thanks for his life as did other preachers and friends of David.

But it was left to Carter Conlon, the man who must fill David Wilkerson's shoes, to end the emotionally charged and spirit filled service.

Pastor Carter Conlon paid his own personal tribute to his dear friend whilst being mindful of and respectful to David's humility and desire to throw all praise towards Jesus.

However the  finest tribute to David Wilkerson is Times Square Church itself for it is a beacon in a time of spiritual deception to Christians the world over. And fortunately it is left in the safe and most capable hands of Carter Conlon who has proven to be a man of integrity that teaches the word of God with a definite guidance from the holy spirit.

Pastor David Wilkerson need not worry about the future of his church but the devil should be very worried about the future of the church.

God willing I will pay a visit to Times Square Church soon myself if circumstances allow it, in the mean time I will tune into the weekly broadcasts on satellite .

My only regret is that I will not get to meet the man in person who changed my life in such a profound way whilst he was still in the flesh….ah well I will get to see him one day!

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