Dealing with the gender pay gap

Reward management consultancy Paydata has confirmed the success of their Equal Pay Seminar held in November as they continue to help businesses understand the Gender Pay Gap legislation that will come into force in April 2016.

The announcement and subsequent media coverage has had many businesses concerned at how they will implement the new legislation, with the general feeling that the government has underestimated the work required to present meaningful analysis.

At present the difference between what full-time men and women earn has fallen from 9.6% to 9.4% in the last year, however this still means on average women earn about £100 less per week than their male counterparts.

Paydata’s seminar, ‘Building a Business Case for Employee Equality’, saw an 80% attendance rate as businesses received practical advice and guidance on how to incorporate equality and diversity into their business strategy.

Although HR is often at the forefront of Gender Pay and Equal Pay Discussions, gaining interest and buy-in from the rest of the organisation can be difficult.

Business Women (PD)

Director of Paydata Tim Kellett, commented that:

Studies have found businesses can reap significant benefits from embracing equality and diversity in the workplace. Research has demonstrated a clear correlation between a harmonious working environment and an efficient high-performing organisation”.

As a result of Paydata’s seminar businesses were given in depth details of the forthcoming legislation and a useful guide to on how they begin their own pay audits.

Naturally equal pay is a very sensitive subject, and one which businesses can feel reluctant to tackle on their own as a vast majority of eomployers are nervous about even discussing the issue. 41% of organisations have never conducted an equal pay audit, and getting to grips with the process and what it will entail for the business needs to be faced head-on with practical solutions.

With such success from this seminar Paydata will be continuing with another in the new year, as it’s clear that many businesses need this guidance.

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