If this is meant to be some sort of revelation then I am afraid he is the last person to find out, let's face it he is camper than a VW van.

Ah well at least the speculation over his sexuality is now over and we can all sleep better at night safe in the knowledge that Ricky Martin is gay and its not just some sick trick of the universe altering our perception of a straight man and distorting it into a vision of a man who has clearly embraced errrm another man.

Good on you Ricky I hope you're happy and you no longer have to hide away from your gayness.

Now if I was to repeat and reverse Elton John's speculation on Christ being gay then I could say that Ricky Martin is in fact straight and just fighting against his straight side by pretending to be gay.

But I won't because it's rubbish.

Or maybe it isn't but if Elton has the right to comment as such without prosecution then surely I have the right to speculate on the true sexuality of another individual without facing prosecution.

So you're proud to be a homosexual man Ricky? Good.

But what I do dislike is the fact that such a big deal is made over it.

I am a proud heterosexual male so maybe I should celebrate it as much as possible by telling all my gay friends the virtues of heterosexuality and flaunt it in their faces by showing them videos of me kissing my wife and how The Bible condones my heterosexual marriedness whilst telling me that homosexuality is sinful and could result in an eternity of agony if not repented for.

Then again maybe that is a misinterpretation of The Bible and my gay friends may take offense to me behaving in such a manner. So what I would do is shut up and not speculate (like Elton John did on Christ) and leave people be people.

Or is it time that the heterosexual man stood up proud and shouted his straightness from the roof tops? Lets see a plethora of celebs coming out as straight.

Come on Graham Norton we all know there is a womanizer in there somewhere…..maybe not.

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