The release of Alien in 1979 witnessed the horror genre transported to the far flung edges of the cosmos and saw the then fledging director, Ridley Scott (in his second feature), experiment with a new take on the ghost ship story as each successive crew member aboard the good ship Nostromo fell victim to the truly original and grotesque stowaway inhabiting its inner depths.

Combining murky engine rooms and using futuristic technology alongside the gothic design of the alien mother ship and the revolutionary yet frankly hideous design of the creature itself, Alien was distinctly different to the Star Wars clones that saturated cinema screens throughout 1979.

But also essential to Scott’s masterpiece was the cast, the crew of the Nostromo not only featured Sigourney Weaver in what was to become her signature role but also combined classy American veterans such as Tom Skerrit and Harry Dean Stanton alongside stylish British thespians Ian Holm and the literally exploding John Hurt.

Given the film’s influence and the current trend for prequels, Scott has returned to the future world first envisioned in Alien with next summer’s Prometheus.

Closely guarded during filming, the veteran director’s return to the genre of Science Fiction is generally expected to not only explain the origin to the alien life form but also throw in a puzzling mystery that will find a group of stranded scientists stumble across a startling revelation linked to the evolution of mankind.

There is also the prospect that Prometheus may be a lot more than just a horror flick with the wonderfully designed stone like monoliths, carved into the faces of god like deities, hinting that the movie itself may well turn out to be Scott’s own 2001: A Space Odyssey.

As for the first teaser, the trailer nicely mirrors the events and atmosphere of the original feature, whilst there is no doubt that the alien world encountered by the scientists is that also encountered by the crew of the Nostromo as some very familiar looking alien interiors and menacing pod like structures clearly hint at the horror awaiting this new group of voyagers.

Stylish and gorgeous to look at (as we have come to expect from Scott), this first footage with its combination of scrambled transmission codes, mass hysteria and the increasing sense of doom amongst this new crew of the dammed certainly hits the mark.

The director has again assembled a dream cast for this new horror with man of the moment Michael Fassbender (rumoured to be portraying an android in the same mould as Ian Holm’s Ash) joined by Guy Pearce, Charlie Theron, Patrick Wilson and the currently much in demand Noomi Rapace.

Hopefully, Scott will keep us guessing but the first glimpses of Prometheus certainly look both stunning and intriguing.

Prometheus is released in cinemas on 1st June 2012.

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