Rihanna gets another illuminati symbolism tattoo

Rihanna gets another illuminati symbolism tattoo
September 10th, 2012
Author: Richard Henley Davis

Singer Rihanna has decided to deface herself even further with yet another tattoo of Egyptian religious iconography to match the one on her ankle.

There is a growing level of speculation on the internet about Rihanna using occult/satanic symbolism in her stage shows, videos and photo-shoots.

And it appears that she has decided this time to go for a body ink representation of the Egyptian goddess of Isis in a kneeling pose with wings outstretched to match the Egyptian falcon tattoo which she has on her ankle.

The Isis tattoo, which stretches across her ribs just below her breasts, is supposedly dedicated to her late grandmother Clara Braithwaite who died earlier on this year and has been posted by Rihanna onto Instagram saying "Goddess Isis- Complete Woman – Model for Future Generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart".

Rihanna has also been spotted wearing a rather large surgical plaster to cover the offending tattoo whilst her body recovers from the tattooing procedure.

The Umbrella singer has previously drawn from esoteric occult symbolism in her videos and there is a plethora of videos on the internet questioning using such symbolism in music videos.

Connections between occult/illuminati and Egyptian symbolism are currently the centre of much debate suggesting there is possibly more belief tied into Rihanna's  use of these symbols than just using them for dramatic effect, but her awareness of the implications of such symbology is unknown.

Rihanna - Brisbane

Rihanna – Brisbane

Image by Gemma Mary from Gympie, Australia (Rihanna  Uploaded by fluteflute) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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4 Responses to “Rihanna gets another illuminati symbolism tattoo”

  1. Durante PRince says:

    wow thats crazy, and yea i do think illuminnnatttti is out there .. and im not with that gay shit…. s mis me wit that

  2. koenski says:

    As if – clueless trainwreck Rhianna would have a clue what that all would mean!. The Bioeber -kid is all tattood up these days too, social media-pressures all the big ego's of this sorry-ass planet to constantly refresh their status-update to A-lister untill the inevitable over-da -top sign..poor peeps if u ask me, I'd be spending all that cash well and in a social manner.Rolemodels yunnow.

  3. Callmecrazy says:

    Some depth in to the connection would of been a good read. This is all bs

  4. Isisfiredancer says:

    This is ridiculous! Isis is a mother deity, symbolic of mothers, wives etc. Isis has nothing to do with the illuminati and even if Isis is used within the illuminati circle it is a bastardisation of her meaning. As a pagan my mother goddess is Isis and I think this is a beautiful and symbolic tattoo to remember her grandmother.