Barbadian singer Rihanna  kissed Britney Spears on stage at the 2011 Billboard Awards whilst wearing questionable bodices.

Rihanna was performing in a white bondage type  outfit whilst Britney went for a black counterpart and strange mask to get the pulses of the male contingent of the planet racing.

The steamy show performance came as a shock as Britney emerged from the stage three quarters the way through Rihanna's monotone performance.

Both then gyrated around dancing poles and predictably simulated playing hide the sausage with the obligatory hip movements then finished off the performance with a pillow fight.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Rihanna gave Britney Spears a very ordinary girly kiss and the world gasped in a unified errrm gasp as the two most desired women by thick people across the globe became almost intimate.

This earth shattering piece of news then went on to become important news for those who are incapable of multitasking beyond breaking wind and changing the television channel over.

For the cerebrally challenged, news of Rihanna and Britney's kiss overshadowed the American Debt ceiling and continued Fukushima disaster.

The new "Apathetic peoples of the world disunite" chant could not be louder.

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