Maybe expectations were a bit too high for this song which, at the end of the day, is nothing more than a publicity stunt / message to tell the world that they have kissed and made up.

Lets forget the video for the moment, I will go into that later.

This is Robbie and Gary's first collaboration as a duo and will feature on Robbie's new greatest hits album called 'In and out of Conciousness'.

The song begins a little too close The Beatles 'Blackbird' for my liking and then basically breaks down into Gary and Robbie both telling each other how they feel about each other and to say sorry.

That's it.

I would love to say there is a catchy chorus but it isn't really that impressive. And I would love to go on about the arrangement and great lyrical content. But I can't because the song does not really work that well in the real world outside of the personal drama of the Gary and Robbie closed universe.

And this is the greatest shame of the song. Because that potential was there and could have been the olive branch used between friends to say sorry and make up, but the line "I told you through the television" does not relate that well in the real world for us lesser mortals, who do not have regular media interviews in which to express our feelings.

In fact that line stalls any such impetus dead in it's tracks. A real opportunity missed there for widening the appeal for that song and making it potentially 'THE' song for friends to make up to.

Then there's the video.

Well that wasn't so bad, very camp but it cut to the heart of what the song is about and that is Gary and Robbie wanting to love the bad feelings between each other away.

Yes it was very Brokeback Mountain but I think that was the intention and it just worked very well at what it is….you must take this song on face value though unfortunately both video and song are what they are…….a public announcement in song and celluloid.

Let's hope the Take That new Album isn't the same.

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