Great news for the people of Haiti and take that fans, it looks like Robbie Williams will sing with his old band mates on the star studded cover of  REM song 'Everybody Hurts' for the new charity song for the victims of the Haitian disaster.

The inclusion of a five piece Take That will send the sales of the single rocketing if the rumored collaboration is true, which is one extra bit of hope for the people of Haiti.

Robbie has not recorded a single with Take That since 1985 so the Take That fan base will be left wondering if this is the first step in bringing Robbie back into the fold?

Take That fans are divided over if the Robbie reunification is a good move, many see the group in its current four piece incarnation as the perfect blend of vocals and personalities and many Robbie fans also feel that he is a better artist without Howard, Mark, Jason and Gary.

Whatever the hopes and desires of fans, the important thing to remember is that anything that provides aid to Haiti is to be welocomed . Help make sure that money is raised and lives are saved.

The single, which is under guidance of Simon Cowell (he can be useful sometimes then), will feature Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Cheryl Cole and many more so let's hope this smashes all records for sales.

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