It looks as if Robbie Williams may not be back for good after all. Speaking on BBC Radio Two Gary Barlow said "I think even moving forward, I know we’re back with Rob right now, but we still see our future as a four-piece band."

"We see Take That as a four-piece band in general. When we came back in 2005 we had the conversation, "Can we do this as four?" Thanks to the fans who bought the records, we proved we can."

Gary decided to celebrate his 40th birthday by co-hosting the BBC Two breakfast show with Chris Evans and it looks like he could not wait to let the cat out of the bag.

This is not the first time that Robbie has left the band since his reunion with with Take That.

Robbie left the band during the recording of the new album Progress which infuriated the other band members. Jason Orange said of this spilt  "When he pulled out again it was like the rug was pulled out from under my feet. I was gutted".

"When you’re part of a group and you’ve got that kind of changeable mind, we’re all going to suffer the consequences"

I actually said to Rob: 'your whims have a direct impact on us'."

Robbie Williams has a history of melodrama and this latest bit of news comes after Robbie was conspicuous by his absence at a private new year's eve party in Barbados. Robbie also infuriated his fellow band mates by not attending rehearsals for the bands appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Many fans who have bought tickets to see Take That will be worried by this news and wonder if the tour will go ahead.

Both Take That and Robbie Williams spokespersons have tried to alleviate fans' worries in statements which confirm the show will go on.

But for how long is the question.

The latest album Progress is a very interesting album and has some great songs but unfortunately Robbie's voice and style is overbearing on the perfect blend of vocals and song writing leaving it sounding like a Robbie Williams and Take That collaboration.

Jason Orange who wrote one of Take That's best songs How Did It Come To This seems marginalised and the blend of vocals and emotion in songs has been put on the back burner.

But I think this was probably intentional hence the grittier electronic production to the album.

It is a shame that the previous album (The Circus) towers over Progress in it's mood and song writing quality.

Enjoy Progress for what it is and Robbie's gigs with Take That  for what they are.

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